Grass Harms 


Moles are harmful organisms that live underground and feed on worms, worms and insects. They remove the earth from the tunnels on the grass surface, damaging the grass roots.10-15 cm high heaps bring to the square. Bu tepeciklerin altında kazdıkları tüneller vardır .Bu canlıların zararlarını önlemek için tuzaklar yada zehir kullanılır.


Small hills on the surface of the soil bring to the water. Wide grass areas get brown color and die. Diagnosis: Scapteriscus species damage the grass by opening tunnels below the 3-4 cm layer. They are fed by the laps and form a tunnel of up to 6 m. They are attracted to the day nests.They change twice a year. In June or July, the larval germs are treated with chemical compound consisting of diazinon or chlorpyrifos before they cause much damage 

Grass Wolves 

From the middle of May to October until October, grass is planted in the hottest and dry areas of the area; The cup is in brown color on the grass areas in the tray size. These regions can spread so that they become amorphous large patches. In the evening, white or gray colored swoopers fly zigzags on the grass area. When they are placed in this place, they do not keep their wings open like many other trusts, they stretch them along the body. These flying movers are adults of wolves, which are a big problem for grass-planted land. Females leave their eggs in the grass while flying. These eggs turn into wolves that are fed on the nights or on cloudy, rainy days with grass leaves. The wolves are stored in silent white channels in the daytime. Grass wolves can kill an entire field within a few days. First, the dead grass is raked. Then the grass is mown, then the field is raked again. The grass area is completely watered and then sprayed with an insecticide containing chlorpyrifos, acephate, diazinon or isofenphos. Drinking is done over the evening to get good results. Until 2-3 days before spraying, the tooth is irreducible and irrigation. 


The development of grass is slow. The grass field turns light green and yellow color. The main roots are short, with a small number of side root flowers. Parasites are fed by grass roots. 

Microscopic worms. 

Useful types are also available. The damage they give to the germs is similar to other bad soil conditions. Root checks are done to find the parasites. It is not possible to combat chemical drugs with nematodes. The grass must be fumigated before the planting. 

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