Interesting Facts About Grass

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Grass areas protect human health. 

Oxygen storage - Provides daily oxygen requirement for a family of 4 people with 225 m2 (15m x 15m) grass space. 

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Air pollution.Absorb the carbon monoxide that you breathe and replace it with oxygen. 

It has a dust-absorbing feature. It covers the surface of the soil like a carpet and prevents wind and precipitation to cause pollution in the form of dust and mud. 

Natural air-conditioning feature: Research has shown that the surface temperature of green areas rises up to 24 ºC,while recording a rise in surface temperature of pavements and floors to 38 ºC or more on a hot day. Green areas humidity of the environment.And keeps its temperature in balance 

Driving safety in vehicles - Covering the soil surface at the edges of grasss, refuges and roads prevents dust and mud formation and prevents road runoff. It therefore prevents the asphalt from becoming slippery and provides your driving safety. 

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The grass fields prevent the athletes from being injured. 

Grass sports fields are a good place for athletes to show their performances at the highest level, It creates a very soft bed. Grass areas absorb water from rainfall to soil 4 to 6 times more efficiently than empty spaces.

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Grass areas raise the value of spaces. 

Grass areas are architects, builders and environmentalists, and they make areas look wider than they are. 

The grass prevents soil erosion. 

For this reason, they are "top quality" coverers. Grass areas hold the fertile upper part of the soil as a whole Water and wind erosion. 

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Grass areas serve as filters against chemicals. 

Grass areas with frequent roots and improved ground overhangs act as strainer on the ground It prevents the pollution of soil and groundwater by preventing harmful substances and chemicals from reaching deeply. 

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