Sweet Corn (Candy Corn Seeds)  

Nowadays, it is one of the corn species which is produced intensively and consumed sugar is the corn future. The earth is the corn grown intensively, especially in the USA. Unlike corn used in fields such as animal feed or industry, it is a source of human food that is frozen, consumed fresh and canned. 

This corn species, which is quite popular in our country recently, has entered into cuisines especially in tourism regions and big cities. It is also grown as a snack by roasting on Konya - Karaman sides. 

The hot climate is the plant. 

October is done after the frost threats are over at the end of spring. 

The soil temperature should be at least 10-12 ° C. The depth of cultivation varies according to the soil type and sweet corn cecedine. 

The varieties with increased standard and sugar content can be planted 2-3 cm clay, 3-4 cm sandy loam, 4-5 cm deep in sandy soil, super sweet varieties can be planted by reducing these proportions by half. 

After harvest, approximately 850-1050 kg of product is obtained. 

In order to protect the quality of sweet corn, pre-cooling or packing is very important immediately after the hasat. 

The delay of these steps reduces the sugar content in the nuts and affects the quality to a great extent. 

Sweet Corn Varieties (Dickerson, 1996) 

COLOR                     EVOLUTION                  DAY TIME 

Standard (water-1) 

Silver Queen                      Yellow                       92 

Golden Queen                    Yellow                       92

Jubilee *                            Yellow                      85   

Golden Cross Bantam         Yellow                     85

Merit *                               Yellow                     75

Sugar ratio increased (se) 

Tendertreat EH                   Yellow                    95

Double Delight                   Multicolor                87 

White Lightning                  White                    86 

Miracle                             Yellow                   82 

Platinum Lady                  White                    70 

Super sweet (sh-2) 

Florida Staysweet           Yellow                     89 

Ssupersweet Brand 8701 White                     87   

Illini Xtra Sweet              Yellow                     85 

Ssupersweet Brand 8202 Multicolor              82 

Jubilee Supersweet         Yellow                  82 

Synergistic Sugarloaf      White                   83 

* Varieties grown in Turkey with pestilence in Turkey 

Since the sweet corn is harvested after the milking period, the sugar content in the corn is about twice as high as other corn, and the embryo has the highest oil and protein value as it is in the largest corn group. 

Some measurements prove that the sweet corn has the highest nutritional value and the freshest food is the most appropriate and delicious food. 

                                  Fresh Sweet corn          Frozen             Cooked            Canned Food 

Calories                               66                          67                    89                      79 

Carbohydrate, gr                 14                           16                    20                      18 

Oil, gr                               0,9                          0.06                  1.0                      0.5 

Protein, gr                        2,4                           2,4                    2,7                      2,4 

Sodium, mg                     11,7                            4,0                   11,7                   11,7 

A Vitamin *                      4                                4                      2                        2 

C Vitamini*                     8                                2                        8                      10

Thiamin *                      10                               2                       10                       2

You can get detailed information about sweet corn seed varieties and sweet corn seed prices. 

We provide technical support for corn producers on sweet corn breeding. 




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