Graininess Zea Mays Seeds

Our corn seeds are certified and highly efficient. It is sold in its original packaging. The bags are 50 000 pieces. You can search our company for detailed information about corn seed varieties and corn seed prices. You can order corn seeds for sale from our company. 

Our corn seeds sell different varieties of corn seeds for different climate zones. Grain hybrid maize seed varieties are high yield capacity. Our grain corn seed varieties are highly resistant to diseases. Your order of grain corn seeds will be delivered to you quickly. 

You can get information about corn seed varieties and corn seed prices in our company. You can order certified and high yield corn seeds from our company. 

Since the Egyptian growers are right to ask which corn varieties names, corn varieties and specifications, best corn seeds, we provide the best corn seeds for our customers at the best prices. 

We support efforts to develop national corn seeds. We have been living the domestic seed bank for the protection of our native corn. The protection of our domestic corn is of great importance. 

Types of Corn Seeds 

-Zea mays indurata

Zea mays indentata

Zea mays indurata

Zea mays saccharata

Zea mays ceratine

Zea mays tunicata

Zea mays joponica

Zea mays tunicata

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