Cotton Seed  

Cotton pile is a rooted plant. Its height is 80-120 cm, its body is vertical, wood and fruit are separated. The flowering and harvesting cycle is long. It has a striking appearance. The cottage is an industrial plant.  Cotton agriculture in our country is done as a single year. 

Cotton production is more concentrated in Southeastern Anatolia Region, Cukurova and Aegean Region. Cotton is also grown in Iğdır valley. In the Aegean Region, Söke Ovası stands out in cotton cultivation. 

Cotton cultivation is extremely important for our country's textile sector. In recent years, declining cotton cultivation has to be revived. Our country should get rid of the cotton imports urgently. Millions of people in our country should be given the necessary attention to cotton production and cotton production, which provide work, crops and bread. Cotton, an industrial plant, is extremely important for country development.


In recent years, cotton harvest has become widespread with the machine. Traditional cotton picking is still on the way. 

Cotton seeds (cottonwood) and cotton seedlings are widely used in the feed industry as animal feed. Cotton leaves after a traditional hand-gathering is a good quality dish. Loved by animals. The nutritional qualities of cotton leaf are high. 

Cotton seedlings are usually planted in rows with seedlings. It is left between 60-80 cm between rows. Decrease 2.5-4 kg seeds. The depth of planting should be 4-5 cm. Care should be taken not to let the seeds escape. Balanced and sufficient fertilizing to ensure high yield, quality product; Attention should be paid to irrigation time, interval and amount of water according to plant, soil characteristics. 

Cotton is March-April-May according to the time of sowing. 

The cotton harvest in our country starts from the middle of September and lasts until the end of October. The cotton decare yield is 500-600 kg. 

Cotton seeds are certified in our company. We are selling high-yielding cotton seed varieties. You can call our company to buy from certified cotton seed varieties. Cotton seed prices differ according to the seed variety. You can order cotton seed for sale from our company. Our cotton seed varieties are suitable for mechanical damage. 

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