Soybean Bacteria (Signum-Premax)  

[1}Our company continues the sales of soybean bacteria. The soya bacterium is offered for sale at wholesale and retail prices.

You can contact us for information on soybean varieties and soya bacterium prices.  

Signum is produced with Osmo-Protection Technology. 

This technology provides the following: 

Long-term bacterial life on soybean seeds 

10 times more bacterial concentration 

Numerous and fast inoculation 

Nitrogen Bacteria in Soybean: 

Nitrogen is one of the most nutrient elements plants need most, although the highest level is found in the atmosphere. No living thing has the ability to use nitrogen directly. Nitrogenous figmentation is the process by which this molecular nitrogen, which is abundant in the atmosphere, is reduced to ammonium forms by becoming useful. About 175 million tonnes of nitrogen are detected in the final year of the nitrogen digestion, and about half of it is found in Rhizobium spp. The symbiotic relationship of the bacteria to the legumes is the end result. 

Nitrogen figs in legumes are made by tubers called nodules, which are formed as a result of symbiotic relationship with rhizobium bacteria. In this regard, the legumes leave a nitrogen-rich soil in the vegetation that will be added to the plant itself as well as to meet its own nitrogen requirement. In addition, many investigators have shown that bacterial overgrowth in legumes affects vegitative development, dry matter formation, grain yield, nodule formation, nodule and danade nitrogen content. However, in order to be able to carry out the nitrogen figs from the bacterium side, it is essential that the bacterium is suitable for that plant. 


The content of nitrogen contained in each package to be used is suitable for 50 kg seed inoculation. It is used with Premax Protector, which is given together for best results and which protects the bacterium's life on soybean seed. 

Signum is a bioprepart that promotes biochemical signals in the early stages of plant development, maximizing the nitrogen uptake capacity, which speeds communication between plant and bacteria. 

Seed Application: 

Pre-mix 50ml Premax Protector with 1.150 ml Signum Bio-inductor to form a homogenous mixture. 

Use a 200ml mixture of 2.50kg tohuma and mix evenly until it is evenly covered. Ventilate the seed after application. 

3. Store in a dark, well-ventilated place, below 25 degrees below sea level. 

Mixability and Application: 

If you wish to add another product to the seed application, please contact your supplier to see if it is miscible with the Signum Bio-Inductor. 

(NOTE): Do not use additional water or other foreign fluids in the application. Seed quality, size, humidity and germination percentage prior to application will affect the amount of seed application loading and seed coherence after application. Please test the seed quality before applying. This product has been tested on proprietary and certified seeds and has been given in terms of recommendations for seed application performance and quality in planting practices. 

The Position and Nature of Premax Protectur: 

Sticking bacterium tohuma, establishing the necessary close contact between bacteria and newly emerging roots. This close contact allows the root follicles to colonize rapidly, leading to the efficient establishment of the nodule system. 

It protects the nitrogen bacteria, which is a very common problem between different stress conditions after seed inoculation, from cellular protection. 

To maintain the active metabolism between inoculation and germination by feeding bacterium. 


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