Agropyron Elongatum

Long-lasting, multi-annual, growing with balls. Dry hay is used for harvesting and grazing. 

Agropyron Elongatum Soil and Climate needs

  • It grows in all kinds of land.
  • It is among the important plants that can be grown in saline soil. 
  • Less affected by cold
  • It is very resistant to drought.

torunoglu seed

Agropyron elongatum planting and care

  • It is easy to plant because the seed is large.
  • There is no need for careful preparation of the sowing bed. 
  • The distance between the lines is not lower than 60-70 cm. 

torunoglu seed

Harvest and Threshing

  • High pasture extends very quickly. 
  • For this reason, weeds must be harvested in the early springing period. 
  • Agropyron elongatum is harvested by sowing on the maturation cycle of the ears for the seed. 


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