Agropyron İntermedium

Agropyron İntermedium is a separate meadow pasture plant. It is planted alone or as meadow pasture blends. Agropyron İntermedium is a long-lived perennial meadow feed plant. It is very resistant to hard climate and constancy. 2 to 2.5 kg seeds are planted from the agropyron intermedium. The seeds are relatively large and are grown to 3-4 cm deep. The most important feature of the blue beech is that it is a  Agropyron İntermedium is that it is good meadow pasture plant. 

torunoglu seed

Since the agropyron intermedium is a root-stemmed bait plant, fill the gaps rapidly. It is a medium-sized bait plant. 

torunoglu seed

Agropyron intermedium is a time of harvest time of green weed. If seeds are to be harvested, the spikes are harvested while yellowing. It is about 200-300 kg in blue seaweed and arable land. It is eaten lovingly by farm animals and horses.

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